“ Man is a dog's ideal of what God should be. ”
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Lisa Cyr

Professional Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviour Specialist

Serving Carleton Place, Almonte, Stittsville, Perth, Smith Falls, Arnprior, Kanata, Richmond, Bells Corners, Nepean, Barrhaven

Available for training at your home

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Available Classes

Puppy Kindergarten

 In home Private Puppy Kindergarten available


Basic Obedience Classes

    In home Private Basic Obedience lessons available

Advanced Obedience Group Classes

 In home Private Advanced Obedience available for successful graduates of Basic Obedience


E-Collar Off Leash Program

Available to graduates from any of my basic obedience programs


Available for in home Private Lessons and Boarding School for any issue


 For as far back as she can remember Lisa has had a passion for dogs and jumped at every opportunity to be around them and learn more about them. From studying breeds in elementary school just for fun to taking her Saturdays to groom dogs at a local breeder’s kennel in order to spend time with them.

 As a teenager she participated in obedience classes and agility with her Shiba Inu she raised from a puppy. While studying psychology at university she had a special interest in animal therapies and was always fascinated with the effect animals can have on people and the relationships between humans and their dogs.

 After taking private lessons with Canadian Canine Training Academy (CCTA) with her last dog and seeing the effectiveness of their techniques she held CCTA in high regard. She has since completed the intensive Dog Trainer course with CCTA and continues her education by attending seminars with top trainers from all around North America.

 She runs group classes for puppy kindergarten to start you and your puppy out right. Her basic obedience group classes teach owners how to attain polite manners and obedience skills. She also offers advanced obedience classes for anyone that has already mastered our basic obedience course and would like to learn higher level obedience behaviours while working off leash.

 She also offers customizable private lessons to help people deal with more serious behavioural issues such as leash reactivity, dominant behaviours, aggression to other dogs, aggression to people, extreme fear, territorial aggression, resource guarding or any other problem you may be experiencing with your dog. Lisa also offers a very successful and popular boarding school program. She will train your dog and address any behavioural issues you may be having and then give you the tools to achieve the same results and continue the dog’s success in your home.

  With her training Lisa can help you gain knowledge and understanding of what your dog needs in order to have a respectful, loving and happy relationship with you.


What clients are saying:

"Our 6 month old labradoodle just finished a 2 week board and train program with Lisa. The change is amazing. Our dog is calm, obedient and polite. Lisa has answered all of our questions and is available for ongoing support. I would absolutely recommend Lisa and any of her programs in a heartbeat. Thank you Lisa for helping us!"       - Heather and Dublin

"Our family is very thankful that Lisa (and her lovely Roscoe) came to our rescue.  We are a busy family with 3 children and 2 Portuguese Water dogs, Storm and Rio.  Storm in particular had some behaviour issues that were getting worse month by month but we never had the time or knew how to effectively deal with these issues.  It progressed to the point where I dreaded walking them through the neighbourhood, putting the aggressive barking and lunging and general lack of canine social skills on display for everyone.  At my lowest and most frustrating moment, I filled in the evaluation form online for Canadian Canine Training which put me in touch with Lisa. Lisa is patient, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental. She assessed our dogs (and us!) and figured out our specific needs.  The results of our private lesson training with Lisa have made our dogs a happy part of our family and community again. Instead of avoiding neighbours, children, and other dogs at all costs when walking Storm, I can now stop to talk to neighbours while Storm sits by my side.  And Storm and I can walk alongside friends with dogs and chat with them as we walk.  The stress is gone, and I am actually proud of my dogs when I take them for a walk in this nice spring weather.  Thank you Lisa!"      - Karen, Storm & Rio

"After spending 8 weeks training with Lisa I can say I have the most amazing lab, Murph, that I love to death.  8 short weeks ago this was not the story, I was ready to throw in the towel.  Murph was just over a year old and STUBBORN!  I have never trained a dog before and Murph and I were in desperate need of help.  This is when we found Lisa.  She was amazing and I am beyond thankful we found her.  The progress Murph and I made with Lisa’s training was amazing, it was like night and day.  We went from Murph not being able to sit for 5 seconds, jumping on everyone, and hurting herself from pulling during walks, to being able to sit, lay-down, stand, stay, come, and (most importantly for me) go on walks and enjoy them!  Lisa is wonderfully patient and gave me the knowledge and tools to continue to progress with Murph and other dogs that I may have in the future.  Lisa not only helped with obedience but she also helped Murph and my bond.  I can’t thank Lisa enough for what she did for Murph and I!"   -Sara & Murph

"I'd like to thank Lisa Cyr for all of her help and guidance with respect to training our two year old Mini Goldendoodle Piper.  My wife and I lacked the knowledge and skills needed to address Piper's leash reactivity and Lisa was instrumental in curbing this unwanted behavior.  She took the time to meet with us and understand our concerns. She set up a plan of action to get us to where we wanted to be. With her guidance and a lot of consistency we were able to get the results we'd hoped for. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a talented and professional dog trainer."                           -Kevin, Kirstie & Piper

Call Lisa Now! For a Free Training Evaluation


The purpose of the evaluation is for us to determine what the cause of your dog's behaviour is, so we can make recommendations on what needs to be done to help you meet your training goals. Because all dogs are not the same, their problems and causes for problems will vary, and so will the treatment, depending on the nature of the dog's behaviour. All dogs are evaluated prior to training to ensure you get the best results possible. This process is quite simple. First click on the Free Training Evaluation and submit the information required. The trainer will review the information to get a good idea of your case.  The trainer will then contact you to make an appointment to meet with you and your dog. When the trainer has evaluated your dog's temperament, you will be provided with a signed copy of your evaluation, complete with comments and recommendations for training.

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What Clients Are Saying

I have really enjoyed the classes with you. You are a great teacher and I want to thank you for helping me transform Winston into a happy follower and a fun member of the family.
Lise and Winston

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